Contributing to value-added medical education


The ACADEMY for Continued Advancement in Healthcare Education (A.C.A.H.E.) is a non-profit Canadian physician organization founded by a group of physicians who believe continuing health education (CHE) is a vital tool for improving medical practices and care.

Through high educational, administrative, and ethical standards, the ACADEMY—and our allied scientific expert collaborators—assumes the responsibility and accountability for the development, planning, delivery, and evaluation of evidence-based continuing professional development (CPD) activities intended for both specialists and family physicians.

The ACADEMY conducts its educational initiatives, financial affairs, and partnerships in compliance with the National standard for support of accredited CPD activities, the Canadian Medical Association code of ethics, the College of Family Physicians of Canada guidelines for CPD development, the Innovative Medicines Canada code of ethical practices, and the Conseil Québécois de Développement Professionnel Continu des Médecins code of ethics.


Developing and delivering practical, evidence-based, and needs-informed medical educational programs that significantly benefit healthcare professionals and, consequently, optimize their ability to support their patients.


With a common desire to contribute to value-added medical education and a profound devotion to improving patient care, three cofounders envisioned an organization focused on scientific rigour through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Paul Ayoub, MD, FRCPC
Nephrologist, Montreal

Karima Fazal-Karim, MD, CCFP
Medical Assessor, Montreal

Jeffrey Habert, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Assistant Professor, Toronto

The ACADEMY incorporated as a non-profit corporation on May 8, 2016.

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